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For decades, Video Surveillance has been used to detect and stop crimes in homes, businesses, and public places. But when you look back on these years, you will find that video Surveillance has been amazingly developed. Not only is the quality of the video better now but the software as well. Megapixel IP Cameras and cloud storage are the mainstream products in the industry, and the requirements for upload bandwidth are also high. Generally, the real-time H.264 HD code stream has a delay-free upload bandwidth of 1.5M / s, and the actual upload bandwidth of domestic operators can also be 300K / sec, which limits the development of network real-time video and cloud storage. Video Surveillance cameras provide real-time monitoring for citizens, businesses, and law enforcement agencies, or look back at certain things that have already happened. An advanced security camera that incorporates AI technology allows users to monitor the situation in real time and identify problems before they occur.

Closed Circuit Television

With multiple ways to view your footage the absolute best way is to have an on-site DVR/NVR Recorder. Stream the footage playback with ease.

360 o View of the Premises

Having a complete 360 over-site of your property is always the best option for home or business.

Monitoring the Screen

We can add multiple different screens via an HDMI splitter so you can have total control of what you’re viewing.

CCTV Equipment Set

We have multiple different Security System packages you can choose from. From 2 cameras to hundreds. The choice is yours.

Security Camera Systems Tallahassee FL

A Surveillance system with video analytics can analyze video content and detect anomalous activity that may pose a threat. Basically, video analytics can help security software ‘learn’ what is normal, so it Anomalies can be detected and potential hazards that an individual may ignore.”

Network Video Recorders (NVR) is a video camera connected to IP camera. IP camera is divided into CIF/D1 ordinary IP camera and digital million HD IP Security Camera.

The recording effect of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) depends on the compression algorithm and camera and the DVR itself, while the recording effect of the NVR mainly depends on the IP Camera, because the IP Camera outputs the digital compressed video, and the video does not need analog-to-digital conversion when it reaches the NVR. No compression is required, just storage, and decompression is required when it is to be displayed and played back.

A > DVR Description

The DVR is the Digital Video Recorder is a computer system for image storage processing, with long-term recording. remote monitoring and control of images/voices. It can replace the functions of a large number of devices in the analog monitoring system with one device, and gradually occupy the price advantage. DVR uses digital recording technology, which is far superior to analog monitoring equipment in image processing, image storage, retrieval, backup, network transmission, remote control, etc. DVR represents the development direction of TV monitoring system, which is currently on the market. The preferred product for TV Surveillance systems. Generally divided into: DVR, PC DVR, & embedded DVR.

DVR can not support IP cameras. Digital DVRs generally refer to the conversion of video data captured by analog cameras into digital recordings, and do not include IP network transmission. By definition, DVR intelligence supports the input of analog signals. Therefore, if the DVR supports IP cameras, it is necessary to decode the IP camera into an analog signal number in the previous stage before inputting the DVR. Which can be done through a Hybrid DVR.

Network Video Recorders (NVRs) 

The NVR Digital Recorder is today’s standard in IP based Security Camera System & the installation is made to directly configure into your existing  home or office network. The NVR Stands for Network Video Recorder. This means that the NVR itself (a physical device) can plug directly into your network and it will become part of your network that way you can access it from anywhere on your network or for that matter anywhere in the world. As well as the cameras that are tying into the NVR.

IP Based Security Cameras are the latest in Security Technology. This means a few different things;

1) That each IP Camera uses networking cable such as Cat5 or Cat6 and can plug directly into a basic POE (Power over Ethernet) switch which will then power the camera itself.

2) Once the Security Camera is powered via the POE Switch – it can then become discoverable on the main network (or sub network) if there’s a data cable that is providing internet or a connection to that switch.

3) The NVR that the Security Camera are connecting to can then discover the cameras itself and display their image. Or, you can discover each camera from a PC that is on the same network.

4) Total Customization with each Security Camera – This means since the Security Cameras are now part of the Local Area Network (LAN) we can actually remote into each Security Camera, via the Security Cameras IP Address, and configure the settings for each different camera (if needed). This is a huge help for Security Cameras such as; LPR (License Plate Recognition Cameras), PTZ’s, and Varifocal Cameras.

Another great thing about NVR’s and IP Based Security Cameras is how the data or footage is stored. There is an internal Hard Drive in the NVR, but, the data can also be stored on a SD Card. This make room for months and months of footage.

There are many different ways to design an IP Based Security Camera System. If you have any questions please feel free to call or fill out the form and we’ll be sure to help!

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As you already know we offer a wide array of services to ensure your needs are taken care of. We offer and sell many different types of camera systems as well from DVR Systems, NVR Systems, High Def (HD 1080p) to 8 Mega Pixel Systems. Bullet Camera Systems, Dome Camera Systems, even hidden covert camera systems. It’s entirely up to you on what you want we can get them all.  Even if you want to add cameras to an older system we can fix ya up. Each system is entirely up to you and we go over each camera system in detail that way you know exactly what you’re getting instead of something you didn’t want or need. We take pride in helping our customers take care and watch over their most valuable assets. It’s something we have done for a long time and will continue to do.

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Tallahassee Surveillance wants to help you and your business with ensuring safety in today’s workplace. Which is paramount in protecting your assets. Utilizing a CCTV systems will improve your office environment security and production.

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Access your home or office from anywhere in the world with our award winning iOS and Android app

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Get instant notifications on Object Detection, Object Removal, Intrusion Detection, and Motion Detection.

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Our technology we use can notify you anytime day or night.

Make Your Place Safe

By installing a CCTV Security Camera System not only can you deter theft from outsiders, but you can decrease internal theft as well. If you need to monitor a location in real time a Security Camera Surveillance System & CCTV Camera Systems are the absolute best option

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Hard-Wired Cameras

We DO NOT recommend using WiFi based cameras as connections or signals can drop at anytime. Each system we install is hardwired for stability.

Night Vision Cameras

Our cameras offer the best Night Vision in the industry depending on what you need. From 65ft to 300ft you choose what you want to see in total darkness.

Elite Cameras

Our elite cameras can detect heat, motion, and follow intruders, cars, or objects.

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